All Terrain Warriors (ATW) is a family based company who specialise in the conversion of off-road trucks for Eco-Tourism, Mining and the private Motor Home market. They also design, manufacture and distribute All Terrain 4x4 truck suspension systems, single rear wheel kits, bull bars and other specialist accessories specifically for larger off-road vehicles weighing 4.5 ton and above.

ATW’s founder and Director, Paul Campbell began constructing All Terrain 4x4 buses, utilising the Mitsubishi Fuso cab chassis for the eco–tourism industry operating on nearby Fraser Island in the 1980’s. Word soon spread and it wasn’t long before these tough eco-tour vehicles were running in every corner of the country from Cape York to the Kimberlies. The experience and feedback from these commercial companies with fleets of 4x4 buses running in sand, salt, snow, mud, horrendous corrugations and extreme temperatures was invaluable. This resulted in the development of body mounting systems, base frame designs, single rear wheel conversions and many other unique features now found in everyone of ATW products. So whether it’s a 4x4 motorhome running through the snow of Siberia or a 22 seater carting workers to the bottom of a Hunter Valley coal mine, every vehicle is built to the same tough standards.

ATW staff also have a wealth of expertise in areas such as CAD design, engineering and suspension development, advanced fibreglass composite tooling and construction, electrical and solar system design, hi-tech audio and video installations, hydraulics and the development of custom off-road accessories. With a network of ATW approved dealers, their high quality products, sales and support are now available Australia wide.