ATW 4x4 Truck Accessories

Ben Campbell - Tuesday, July 08, 2014

ATW 4x4 Truck Accessories

Have you ever wished your truck was a more comfortable vehicle to spend your day in? Ever wished for a bit more capability in the sand, more travel and ability off-road and on-road? Well the specialist 4x4 truck accessories from ATW are just what you need!  The accessory range from ATW is designed and developed to enhance both the on and off-road capabilities of 4x4 trucks from Fuso (FG637, FG649, FG84 and FGB71), Isuzu NPS (1990-2014), along with Single Wheel Conversions for MAN Isuzu FTS and others.

ATW’s developments in heavy duty off-road Parabolic Suspension Systems, Super Singles, Single Wheel Conversions and Helical Gear LSD, are a quantum leap forward in the conversion of the Fuso FG’s and Isuzu NPS into formidable off-road tourers and commercial trucks with a level of comfort normally reserved for high end 4x4 and SUV’s.

A few of the benefits of an ATW Single Wheel Conversion:

  • Wider and taller front tyres provide a larger footprint and added flotation to enhance off-road capability.
  • Same front and rear track means the rear tyres follow in the compacted wheel tracks of the front resulting in greatly improved off-road performance especially in soft sand and mud.   
  • Same front and rear track also promotes improved stability, handling and cornering at cruising speeds. 
  • Larger overall rolling diameter, which results in a smoother ride & better handling over corrugations and rough ground.
  • Same ATW rims used on the front and rear axles allowing scheduled rotation and also creates the same track.  
  • Inflation valves on both sides of ATW rims make inflating & deflating tyres easier, also easier access when tyres rotated. 
  • Eliminates the scenario of rocks caught between the dual wheels causing severe tyre failure and potential third party damage.   
  • ATW Speedo Re-Calibration Unit provides more accurate instrumentation.  
  • ATW rims are ISO tested and DOT approved at 3000kg for the 6.0 & 6.5 Tonne GVM vehicles.

A few of the benefits of an ATW Parabolic Spring Upgrade:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Parabolic springs will allow more axle movement due to their typical characteristics and lack of interleaf friction.
  • Improved stability & ride

Parabolic springs have a slightly higher spring rate. This, with the right shock absorbers, will give more stability and a better ride to the vehicle at all speeds, on or off-road.

ATW ATB Differential 

The ATW Auto Torque Biasing (ATB) Helical Gear Limited Slip Differential (LSD) is a direct replacement for the front axle OEM factory ‘open’ differential centres on all Fuso FG and Isuzu NPS. 

The new ATB differential is fully automatic and progressive in operation. Unlike conventional diff-locks and LSD’s, it will never lock but will seamlessly and progressively transfer power and torque away from a spinning wheel to the one with the most traction. This is the opposite action of an OEM ‘open’ differential, which in soft or loose conditions will promote wheel spin and loss of drive. In off-road situations, the ATB differential significantly reduces torque steer, under steer and steering ‘snatch’ associated with common clutched type LSD’s and air or electric diff locks. When off-road, this translates into reduced wheel spin (improved tyre life), virtually no torque steer and less under steer during cornering (improved safety and control), most importantly, it will greatly enhance performance and drive in soft mud and sand and therefore reduce the chance of getting stuck and the need for recovery. If one wheel is lifted from the ground so that there is no torque bias, the differential will revert to the same operation as an open differential, but simply tapping the brakes will be enough to regain maximum torque to the opposite wheel still in contact with the ground.

For the full rundown on these items and a list of national dealers and fitters, please visit the Accessories page.

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