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Ben Campbell - Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The ATW 4x4 range of Tour Buses are purposely built so as to offer maximum viewing opportunity for all passengers. With large, heavily tinted windows and the rear of the 4x4 truck cab cutaway, forward and lateral vision is absolutely maximised. We have uniquely designed bodies that are shaped and designed for a purpose... ENJOYABLE off-road travel. 

It’s not until you experience the toughest four wheel driving conditions, that you will appreciate the innovations of an ATW Tour Bus.

As we construct so many beach vehicles that operate in extremely corrosive conditions, we saw the need to develop new fibreglass and composite construction methods. These composite modules are dent and corrosion proof, extremely tough and perfect for off-road commercial operations. The system consists of cross sections, or modules, that are joined together using high tensile bolts (only in certain areas) and MMA Structural bonding adhesive to finally assemble into a completed bus body. All modules are engineered and constructed from composite fibreglass, exceeding the strength of a conventional steel frame (no steel or metals are used). The seating numbers are determined by how many modules are needed to finish up with the required number. Each module is totally finished with seats, glass, flooring, wiring etc, so after the final assembly process there is very little work left before the bus can be put into service. These modules or sections can be easily shipped in a container to even the most remote of countries for easy assembly on their designated local truck chassis by supervised unskilled labour. 

The ATW Tour Bus body is an extremely low maintenance, long term asset that will save a business thousands of dollars over a 10 year period or longer when other 4x4 vehicles would need to be completely replaced many times over.

ATW have tour buses that have operated for many years in the extreme climate of Central Australia, others continuously running on the horrendous road conditions of Cape York and lasting over 12 years on the beach at Fraser Island, all with glowing reports of the superiority of our construction methods over previous vehicles with conventional metal clad bodies. 

Available in 4 different models from 12 to 37 seats and all are available in a variety of trim levels from budget commercial packages to VIP eco-tour operations and purpose built for any specific environment or terrain; day tour, overnight or extended tour, etc.

Up to 22 persons with a 2400 mm wide body
Available for MWB Fuso FG 84 DE and Isuzu NPS300.

Up to 38 persons with a 2400 mm wide body. 
Available for most LWB 4x4 and 6x6 cab chassis above 10 ton GVM.

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