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Ben Campbell - Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mine Buses, Luxury 4x4 Motorhomes, Tour Buses and 4x4 Accessories

Welcome to All Terrain Warriors – ATW online. Please take some time to have a look around the new site and view the image galleries of our products. If you are on Facebook and visit YouTube, please Like Us and Follow us on both platforms. This will ensure you are kept up to date with all the latest news from ATW.

In the coming months there will be some exciting changes in the ATW range of products and services. We have been conducting ROPS testing on the new Lightweight Modular Bus System. The initial testing has passed with flying colours and the next series of certification has started. We are very excited to bring the future of bus building to the Australian market.

ATW offer a full range of heavy duty 4x4 options covering the Mining, Expedition and Touring market.

The ATW 4x4 buses are renowned worldwide for their safe operation, sturdy and long lasting construction, operating in extreme terrains and highly corrosive environments. All vehicles are based on Japanese or European 4x4 truck chassis that are commonly available through existing dealer networks and incorporate specially developed passenger modules by ATW. The all new Lightweight Modular Bus System is about to take this market to an exciting new level of strength, safety and comfort.

If it’s the Expedition market you are interested in – we have the mighty Global Warrior Motorhome Conversion in full production at the moment. The new Global Warrior is a product we first began to develop nearly 2 years ago. We have settled on the base specification for the Global Warrior as being the most practical configuration to be taken comfortably into a remote location for extended stays. Our options list includes specialised equipment to tailor your vehicle to suit more specific travel requirements. As an example,  a fisherman in the Kimberlies would hardly need the high-tech heating system of a vehicle crossing Siberia! Our options and improvements will be added to in time as constant improvement is what ATW is all about

Our current ATW Accessories range to suit the Isuzu NPS 300 or Fuso FG Canter is available for the new Global Warrior. As an added benefit we are offering a 10% discount on selected ATW Accessories that are ordered in a package along with the new Global Warrior.

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Our 12 to 37 seat 4x4 buses and coaches have been doing us extremely proud for over 20 years. ATW 4x4 range of eco-tour buses are purposely built so as to offer maximum viewing opportunity for all passengers. With large, heavily tinted windows and the rear of the 4x4 truck cab cutaway, forward and lateral vision is absolutely maximised. We don’t just build a square box with seats and mount it to a chassis as if it were a pantec and call it a bus - we have uniquely designed bodies that are shaped that way for a purpose… off-road travel where YOU are able to enjoy the experience. Constant upgrades and improvements to the ATW range of Buses ensure the ATW range remain the best value 4x4 buses available in Australia.

ATW Wheels, Suspension & Accessories have been specifically developed for common 4x4 cab chassis to enhance both on and off road capabilities and general operational performance. All of these products are well proven and are put to the test daily over some of the most horrendous roads and bush tracks in the country... some for over 20 years.

Thanks for checking in with us at ATW and please contact us for further information. Happy travels!

The ATW Team.

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