For Isuzu NPS, FTS & Mitsubishi Fuso Canter FG Series Trucks.

To suit the following vehicles:
Isuzu NPS 300 2008 – 2014 @ 6.0 – 6.5 Tonne GVM.
Isuzu NPS 65/155 & 75/155  2015 –  Current  @ 6.5 & 7.5 Tonne GVM.
Isuzu FTS 800 13.9 Tonne GVM – De Rated to 13.5 Tonne GVM on Singles.
Mitsubishi (FUSO) FG 637, FG 649, & FG 84 @ 6.0 Tonne GVM.
FUSO FGB 71 2011 – Current  @ 6.5 Tonne GVM.

(The above vehicles that are de-rated to 4.5 Tonne GVM can also be fitted with an ATW Single Wheel Conversion).

ATW is a Second Stage Manufacturer – SSM, with Federal Approvals in place for Single Wheel Conversions on the above vehicles. On new vehicles prior to first registration ATW can Issue an SSM Plate to cover single wheel upgrades saving the need for Engineering.

Note: If Parabolic Suspension is fitted with single wheels on a new vehicle the SSM Plate covers this upgrade also. 

Already Registered vehicles will require Engineering. ATW can assist with you with engineering and compliance. 

Advantages of ATW’s SWC with Toyo M608Z tyres compared to OEM dual wheels and other Single Wheel Conversions:

Wider and taller front tyres provide a larger footprint and added flotation to enhance
off-road capability.
Same front and rear track means the rear tyres follow in the compacted wheel tracks
of the front resulting in greatly improved off-road performance especially in soft
Same front and rear track also promotes improved stability, handling and cornering at
cruising speeds. 
Larger overall rolling diameter which results in a smoother ride & better handling over
corrugations and rough ground.
Same ATW rims used on the front and rear axles allowing scheduled rotation and also
creates the same track.  
Inflation valves on both sides of ATW rims make inflating & deflating tyres easier, also
easier access when tyres rotated. 
Eliminates the scenario of rocks caught between the dual wheels causing severe tyre
failure and potential third party damage.   
ATW Speedo Re-Calibration Unit provides more accurate instrumentation.  
Current Model Isuzu NPS & FUSO FGB 71 vehicles have the speedo recalibrated via
the vehicles ECU at the dealership.
ATW Steel Rims are ISO tested and DOT approved at 3000kg.
ATW Alloy Rims are ISO tested and DOT approved at 3150kg.
Quality Toyo 285/70R 19.5 M608Z with 145/143 load rating and a true Mud & Snow
Deeper tread depth at 16mm and 899mm rolling diameter result in greatly extended
tyre life than OEM.
Heavier individual tyre load ratings of 2900kg per axle.
16 ply casings instead of 10-12 ply which equates to higher resistance to punctures
and sidewall damage off-road. 

Dealer Network

ATW works through a dealer network Australia wide or directly with SE Queensland based customers. Please ask us for a referral to a dealer in your area. Most Isuzu Dealers, FUSO Dealers and some independents have been inducted and are approved by ATW to fit ATW Single Wheels for you and maintain full compliance. 
ATW highly recommends the SWC in conjunction with ATW Parabolic Suspension for a complete transformation of any Fuso FG or Isuzu NPS cab chassis. 

ATW SWC Standard Kit includes:

5 x ATW Rims for front, rear and spare – American D.O.T. Standards approved.
Tested to International ISO standard. Rated at 3000kg/3150kg each.
ATW Speedo Recalibration Unit fitted.
ATW Secondary Brake Vacuum tank fitted / supplied for models that require this.
All Rims fitted with double inflation valves. Offset allows equal front and rear track.
5 x Toyo M608Z 285/R70/19.5” Mud & Snow tyres rated at 2900kg each.
Complete set of ATW rear wheel nuts.
Second Stage Manufacturer’s plate for new vehicles or Engineer’s Report for
previously registered vehicles.

In addition to the Toyo M608z Tyre we are also offering a Goodride tyre 285/70R 19.5” CM 986 this is an equally rated tyre at a lower price still with sufficient load rating 146/144 L which is 3000 Kgs.

ATW are continually innovating and developing class leading accessories for common 4x4 cab chassis to enhance both on and off road capabilities. The latest accessory to hit the market are the Alloy Single Wheel sets. 

Currently available for Isuzu NPS and Mitsubishi FGB71 and FG84, in a 6 stud pattern. 
Lighter weight – Saving 75kg on a 5 wheel set and 90kg on a 6 wheel set, this could
be the difference of a 4.5 Tonne GVM vehicle. 
Rugged looking, but very stylish and easy to clean. 
Mag style wheel nuts give a better finish. 

Tyre Sizes that can be used on 6.0, 6.5 & 7.5 Tonne GVM vehicles on single wheels.
In order to maintain the rear axel rating a tyre with sufficient load rating must be used – OEM Tyres are rated 121/120 L which is 1400/1450 Kgs to match OEM a 145/143M (2900 Kgs). or higher rated tyre must be used. The rear axel on the current  NPS has a maximum load rating of 5600 Kgs – the FUSO FGB 71 rear axel is 5760 Kgs so a 2900 Kg rated tyre maintains the OEM Specs of the rear Tyres & Axel.

Also this is the tyre size that ATW used for Brake testing on for Federal Compliance for NB & ME standards and this data is on file with Federal Transport.

Isuzu FTS Single Wheel Conversions

The FTS is fitted with a 385/65R 22.5” Tyre and we have several tyre options Available. Goodride AT 557, Kumho KMA 12 & Bridgestone M748 all rated 160K – 4500 Kgs. The 13.9 Tonne GVM vehicles are de rated to 13.5 Tonne GVM when on Single Tyres.