All Terrain Warriors have the ability to dramatically increase the off road capabilities of your light truck. The ATW Auto Torque Biasing (ATB) Helical Gear Limited Slip Differential (LSD) is a direct replacement for the front axle OEM factory ‘open’ differential centres on all Fuso FG Canters and  Isuzu NPS (‘08 onwards). 

The new ATB diff is fully automatic and progressive in operation. Unlike conventional diff locks and LSD’s , it will never lock but will seamlessly and progressively transfer power and torque away from a spinning wheel to the one with the most traction. This is the opposite action of an OEM ‘open’ diff which in soft or loose conditions will promote wheel spin and loss of drive. In off road situations, the ATB diff significantly reduces torque steer, under steer and steering ‘snatch’ associated with common clutched type LSD’s and air or electric diff locks. 

When off-road, this translates into reduced wheel spin (improved tyre life), virtually no torque steer and less under steer during cornering (improved safety and control)…..most importantly, it will greatly enhance performance and drive in soft mud and sand and therefore reduce the chance of getting stuck and the need for recovery. If one wheel is lifted from the ground so that there is no torque bias, the diff will revert to the same operation as an open diff but simply tapping the brakes will be enough to regain maximum torque to the opposite wheel still in contact with the ground. 

This type of ATB helical gear LSD has been successfully used in all forms of motorsport including F1, rallying, circuit racing, truck racing and is also commonly used in military applications where heavy off road trucks are required to perform in soft and various terrain. They have been developed in partnership with a leading engineering firm and CNC machined in the UK to ISO9001 standards using Corus steel billets. Over 100,000 units have been made for a wide range of vehicle types and sold worldwide since the mid 1980’s. 

The new ATB diff is a direct replacement for OEM factory differential centres and therefore requires no custom fabrication or modification to the existing driveline. It does not require any special lubrication and can be installed at any authorised truck workshop in approximately 7 or 8 hours. A lifetime warranty is offered on this part.