Manufacturing 4x4 Buses, 4x4 Coaches & Specialised Heavy Vehicles is what we do. We manufacture high quality 4x4 buses and 4x4 Coaches from 12 to 37 seats and have done so for over 20 years. All Terrain Warriors 4x4 range of Eco-Tour Buses are purposely built so as to offer maximum viewing opportunity for all passengers. Forward and lateral vision is absolutely maximised by using large, heavily tinted windows and a cutaway in the rear of the 4x4 truck cab. We don’t just build a square box with seats and mount it to a chassis and call it a bus. We have uniquely designed bodies that are shaped that way for a purpose... off-road 4x4 travel AND actually being able to enjoy the experience. 

All below floor level body panels and storage compartments are "rolled under" to avoid damage in this vulnerable area when on deep rutted tracks with high banks. The section above the window sills is tapered to avoid tree damage, again when on deep rutted tracks the vehicle will lay over to one side. With a conventional square bus body, the roof section can be thrown out into the tree line causing major damage. Also on all of our wider buses, the body tapers back in at seat rail height. This is to tuck in the lower body as tightly as possible to the wheeltracks. It’s not until you experience these conditions when four wheel driving that you will appreciate the innovations a ATW 4x4 Bus and 4x4 Coach has.

Back in the 1980’s we used to panel our buses with steel zinc and aluminium sheets as most bus builders still do. We found these buses to be prone to denting, required constant resealing of the joints and were generally hard to maintain. Because we built so many beach vehicles to operate in extremely corrosive conditions, we saw the need to develop new fibreglass and composite construction methods. We found these composite panels to be dent and corrosive proof and incredibly tough – perfect for off-road commercial operations. As examples, we have tour vehicles that have operated for many years in the extreme climate of Central Australia, others continuously running on the horrendous road conditions and corrugations of Cape York, lasting over 12 years on the beach at Fraser Island, all with glowing reports of the superiority of our construction methods over previous vehicles with conventional metal clad bodies. The way in which the body is mounted to the chassis is also paramount for any 4x4 vehicle. The high stress build up in bodies that are solidly fixed to a 4x4 chassis in serious off road conditions is tremendous. Therefore all our 4x4 Buses and 4x4 Coaches incorporate a unique spring mounting system that allows the chassis and the body to separate if they need to... greatly reducing stress and loads between chassis and body and therefore eliminating costly structural failure. The unique body mounting system also allows the bus modules to be easily swapped to a new replacement chassis once the service life of the original has been reached. All electrical and air conditioning lines are setup with this in mind. As a result, bus bodies that see long service in the extremely corrosive environment ,such as Fraser Island, will outlast up to four new cab chassis!

Always think of an All Terrain Warriors bus body as a low maintenance, long term asset that will save a business thousands of dollars over a 10 year period or longer when other 4x4 vehicles would need to be completely replaced many times over.

Available in 4 different models from 12 to 37 seats and all are available in a variety of trim levels from budget commercial packages to VIP eco-tour operations and purpose built for any specific environment or terrain; day tour, overnight or extended tour, etc.

3300 Series – 2100 mm narrow body for up to 15 persons in total. Available only for Short Wheel Base Fuso FG 84 DC.
Superseded to upgraded model. Please contact us for details.

3900 Series – 2100 mm narrow body for up to 18 persons in total. Available for MWB Fuso FG 84 DE and Isuzu NPS300.
Superseded to upgraded model. Please contact us for details.

4000 Series – 2400 mm wide body for up to 21 persons in total. Available for MWB Fuso FG 84 DE and Isuzu NPS300.

7000 Series – 2400 mm wide body for up to 37 persons in total. Available for most LWB 4x4 and 6x6 cab chassis above 10 ton GVM.

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