All Terrain Warriors 4x4 range of Eco-Tour Buses are uniquely designed to handle the harshest of terrains and show superior performance off-road. Our fibreglass and composite construction methods allow these vehicles to operate in extreme corrosive conditions, as is on display daily at Fraser Island with the Fraser Island Adventure Tour Buses & Discovery Fraser Island.

The way in which the body is mounted to the chassis is also paramount for any 4x4 vehicle. The high stress build up in bodies that are solidly fixed to a 4x4 chassis in serious off road conditions is tremendous. Therefore all our 4x4 Buses and 4x4 Coaches incorporate a unique spring mounting system that allows the chassis and the body to separate if they need to... greatly reducing stress and loads between chassis and body.

The unique body mounting system also allows the bus modules to be easily swapped to a new replacement chassis once the service life of the original has been reached. All electrical and air conditioning lines are setup with this in mind. As a result, bus bodies that see long service in the extremely corrosive environment will outlast up to four new cab chassis.



  • ADR59 ROPS on all units
  • 10-38 Seat options available
  • Fully moulded interiors, easy to clean and maintain
  • THERMOKING Airconditioning system
  • Styleride seats


  • Isuzu NPS 4×4 up to 22 seats
  • Isuzu FTS 4×4 up to 38 seats
  • Hino GT up to 38 seats
  • MAN TGM up to 38 seats
  • Scania, Mercedes Arocs also available


  • Rear Storage options
  • Seat belt warning systems
  • TV media options
  • Usb charging options for passengers
  • Full vehicle wrap design available

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